Our Services

Technical Competency Sourcing

Satvirs Solutions specializes in Technical Competency sourcing. With our strong technical background Satvirs is able to understand the client’s requirements better and also source the right candidate’s for these requirements. We have developed unique ways of “talent spotting” depending on client’s requirement. Our technical panel can assess the candidate’s technical capabilities well. Thus reducing time, effort and cost to our clients.

@ Customer Business

Satvirs Solutions outsource technical experts in various fields of IT on contract basis to our clients. All these candidates will be on Satvirs roles and mostly working from client’s workplace. These candidates can be hired from us on need basis. Our candidates in the past have contributed significant value to our client’s business. .

Turn Key staffing

We can take up turnkey staffing assignments also, If our client has an expansion plan or has a new project for which they need the right manpower before the start of the project, we can take charge of the entire recruiting operation. This method has helped few of our clients to ramp up quickly and reap great business benefits.

Interview InSource

A novel idea to work closely with recruitment and technical teams in conducting the 1st level detailed technical interview, which consumes the maximum time of the technical people involved in the process.

Together Satvirs and the client derive the framework
for the interview and Satvirs interview panel conducts the technical telephonic interview, uploads a detailed evaluation form for every candidate.

Time to hire is reduced drastically, increases the productivity of the technical team and also helps the client to scale high volumes in a turn around time.

Some of our clients have reaped immersive benefits from this model of hiring.